Artoo empowers social enterprises to capture, analyze and process information remotely through smartphones / tablets
  • Field agent productivity up by 35%
  • Loan turn-around-time down by 80%
  • Save US $15 million annually
- Ujjivan Pilot Results
We are very pleased with the quality of work and excellent commitment shown by your team

- Samit Ghosh, Founder & MD, Ujjivan

Ujjivan is the 3rd largest Microfinance Institution in India

Our Impact

The Challenge

Today only a few businesses are able to operate viably at the base of the pyramid (BoP). Most BoP businesses operate through a high touch model and as a result are:

Paper Intensive

Labor Intensive

Time Consuming

Less Productive

All these factors become an impediment to scale and profitability making their services less accessible and affordable to the end consumer.

Something needs to happen to make businesses at the BoP more viable!

The Artoo Idea

Artoo has created a software solution that caters to the information management needs of social enterprises. Artoo intends to be a front-end solution and has been designed to be extremely user friendly keeping in mind the technology savvy and literacy levels of the user (i.e. field agent).Artoo enables enterprises to:

Take all field processes online

Reduce Manpower

Be Realtime

Improve field agent calibre

Technology to the rescue!